Steel Stretcher Leveling

Lapham-Hickey Steel's stretcher leveling system allows us to create steel sheet to the precise customer specifications surpassing the flatness required for downstream applications like blanking, drilling, forming, and laser cutting. Stretcher leveling eliminates trapped stress so it benefits other processes like punching, bending and welding.

Stretch Leveling System Capabilities

  • Minimum Coil Width: 72"
  • Maximum Coil Thickness: .625"
  • Minimum Coil Thickness: .070"
  • Maximum Coil Weights: 60,000 #
  • Maximum Length 20' in stacker mode; 40' in slide-out mode

In 2009, Lapham-Hickey made the largest capital investment in our company's history giving us the ability to provide memory free, sheet and strip mill plate ideally suited for laser and plasma cutting processes. The enhanced consistency of the steel improves repeatability in downstream applications, like forming and welding.