Laser Cutting

Lapham-Hickey purchased their first laser in 2003 to support the growing demand for tighter tolerances and improved edge conditions. We have since purchased over 10 additional lasers and have supplied thousands of parts to many different industries all over the country through our laser cutting services.

Lapham-Hickey offers both CO2 and Fiber Laser technology.

Laser Cutting Capabilities

  • 79" x 157" tables
  • Edge detection tolerance: +/- .020"
  • 15000 watts of laser power
  • Rotary tube cutting attachment
  • Maximum work-piece weight: 3485 lbs.
  • Aluminum: .625"
  • Stainless: 1.00"
  • Carbon: 1.250"

Other Laser Cutting Services

  • Forming
  • Welding