Flat Wire

As a trusted leader in the metal industry for almost 100 years, Lapham-Hickey Steel offers an excellent selection of top-quality, ISO certified flat wire steel in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and shapes such as natural round edge or square edge. Lapham-Hickey provides an extensive inventory of the finest flat wire products designed, developed and tested by experienced experts.

Lapham-Hickey flat wire products are:

  • Expertly engineered
  • Skillfully designed and developed
  • Rigidly tested
  • Durable in the most extreme conditions
  • Reliable in the most stressful applications

What is Flat Wire?

Flat wire start as a round wire and then the round wire is rolled (flattened) or die drawn to meet custom requirements through a series of engineered operations.

Benefits of Flat Wire

  • Burr free edges
  • Close dimensional tolerances
  • Continuous coil with fewer welds when compared to traditional strip coil
  • Custom edges such as broken corner, controlled radius, full and natural round, square

Flat Wire Applications

Lapham-Hickey’s spring steel flat wire has a wide range of applications in many industries including but not limited to:

  • Regulator springs
  • Industrial springs
  • Car seat border springs
  • Conveyor belt fasteners
  • Key rings
  • Saw blade wire
  • Frames
  • Window mechanisms

Providing the flat wire experience you want.

Our knowledge of the metal industry is second to none.

  • Expert engineers and skilled metallurgists design, develop and deliver reliable, durable products for the most challenging applications
  • Deep understanding of steel market cycles
  • All locations conform to ISO standards to ensure you get the product you want every single time
  • Strong foundation of family ownership. Lapham-Hickey was established in 1926 and is now in the capable hands of a fourth generation

Dedicated to Serving You

Lapham-Hickey provides outstanding customer service and the best technical support in the industry. Our service centers are ranked as one of the top 30 in the nation. Our outstanding employees are dedicated and devoted to serve you each and every day.